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Canon Copiers and Multifunction Printers

Canon consitently wins awards from  BLI (Buyer's Lab) for the quality of their business copier. This is why Copier Lease Center is proud to partner with Canon to help businesses get their perfect copier. Canon is know for being robust and tank like. Here is an article if you would like to see where it fits when comparing what is the best copier. In this, we cover how Canon does not seek to be the cheapest copier, but the best copier. There are other brands that hit the value customer a little better. Canon copiers are built with quality and built to last!

We have partnered with Canon to provide copiers nationwide through the Canon dealer channel. We are excited to add Canon to our product catalog to go with the Xerox copiers we already have. There may be some questions, like, how will this work if I am in a remote location or if I have offices in multiple cities.

The basics of how this works, is there are hundreds of authorized Canon dealers around the country. Each dealer had their own customers and we all cooperate to help our out of area installs get amazing service from Canon authorized technicians. Your device will be included in the pool of devices we can service nationwide.

We take care of all of this. We deal with customers who have offices in 40 cities or more and we are able to help them have just 1 ticket system and one company to deal with. We handle all of the rest of the maintenance for you when you are in an out of market city. We have handreds of copiers out of market, so don't let this stop you from getting a quote. We help companies get the best Canon Copiers and printers.

Here are some of the common Canon Copiers we will sell and service:


One of the hardest parts, when you see a long list of products, is to know which Canon copier would be best for your company. This is why we have reps who can help you filter through all these options and help you get the best copier for your business. It may mean you need a slower and cheaper one than you have now. It could also mean you need an upgrade because the copier you leased 5 years ago no longer works so well because staff size or utilization has changed pretty drastically.

We help you determing the correct Canon color or black and white copier and even work to ensure you have all of the copier accessories you needing, including but not limited to:

• Finishers
• Fiery
• Fax
• Hole punch
• Envelope/accessory trays

• Booklet makers
• Toner
• Imaging Drums
• Fusers
• etc

Watch your staff productivity INCREASE and your down time DECREASE with Canon Copiers and Printers