How To Choose a Copier Dealer

First off, we are a copier dealer. We are going to slant this article based on our strengths and values. It should go without saying, but I wanted to say it anyway to help get this objection off the table.

So you are looking to lease or purchase a copier. You see all kinds of information online. In fact you get some quotes, then you have 7 copier reps who won’t leave you alone because it is important to get your business for all of the reps.

One rep tells you that Canon is the best, the next says they wouldn’t buy Canon because the interface is hard. Another tells you how great Xerox is, another seems to be super into Ricoh.

So I guess I will say it, in some ways, every copier manufacturer CAN make a good copier. They don’t always do it. But every brand has some solid models that do better than others. Some copiers break more than others. Some are harder to use than others. Some are easier. So when it comes down to it, if a lot of the copiers are in a range of being similar, how do you decide? Price? Reputation?

We believe that a Xerox copier set up correctly will generally outperform other brands also set up correctly in terms of efficiency. However, a Xerox set up poorly will function worse than other brands doing the same tasks if those were set up well.

So you need to think about who you plan to purchase or lease your next copier from.

Here are some items we would suggest you look at before signing a lease with a new copier company.

  • Cost to Ship Supplies – At $10 to $20 per shipment, if you are having to pay for your toners, then you are going to pay a lot more over the life of the copier.
  • Great Support – When you chat with the team, do they know the products and seem to like what they do?
  • Reputation – Have you checked online reviews and the BBB for reviews?
  • Coverage Restrictions – What happens if you exceed 20% coverage for color, or 30%?

These are just a few of the items you should consider when looking for a copier leasing company. One who treats you fair in the long run deserves more business. That is how we feel. There is no need to trick people into bad deals because there is enough business in the world to do things correctly.


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