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Our Most Popular Color Copiers

Reliable industrial color copier

Perfect for high volume

Unrivaled color quality

Starting at $289/Month

Desktop color copier

36 pages per minute

Compatible with Mac or PCs

Less Than $49 per Month

Rugged business color copier

Awesome color copier

Simple user interface

Starting at $129/Month

Our Most Popular Black and White Copiers

High Speed Black and White

Up to 58 Pages per Minute

Up to 20,000 pages/mo

Low as $69 per Month

Low Cost 11x17 Black & White

Basic business copier

Low cost per print

Starting at $69 per month

High Volume Black and White

Awesome workgroup copier

Up to 30,000 Pages/Month

Starting at $119/Month

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Common Questions Answered, in an INSTANT!

Should I lease or buy a copier?

Buying or leasing a copier is totally up to you.  If you buy the copier, you don't have the copier lease payments, just the supplies and service pricing.  This is generally more of an accounting decision than it is a "you must do it this way" kind of question.  We can help you with either and work to help you know what you are signing up for at the beginning.

Leasing a copier has tax breaks, but the main reason people lease is that it is a low interest way to get a $6000 to $10000 copier on site without all that money leaving your bank account like a normal purchase.  You can pay a set monthly rate and keep your cash for important stuff like growing your company.

Is toner and service included?

If you choose a service plan from Copier Lease Center, the supplies, the parts, as well as the service are all INCLUDED as part of your package.  We send you all the supplies you need, you just pay one low bill for the prints you made on your copier.

Can you service my area in ?

We cover the entire USA with Factory Authorized and trained technicians.  Our service works amazing for companies in remote locations or who have multiple locations throughout the USA.

Is paper included?

Paper is NOT included as part of our standard agreement.  You purchase your own paper from whatever supplier you wish.  We take care of the rest.   

Can I upgrade later, if my company grows?

Technically, yes.  What happens in this situation is the remaining balance can be moved into the new copier for you.  One thing we see more often is the company will simply get a smaller device to handle the workload and to ensure there is a backup copier onsite.  Can you afford to be down for a day if your copier breaks?  We can help you if you have a lease now and still want to get a new copier.  All we need is the lease buyout amount from your currrent copier leasing company.

What is your average service time?

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Do I have to pay for parts during my copier lease?

No.  Parts are covered as part of your standard supplies and service agreement on our copier leases.  We make sure you don't get surprise bills for parts or labor.  The only exception to this is if you have 3rd party networking equipment (for example a router) that you need to swap out.  We would not cover any of the hardware that is part of the network UNLESS you bought that from Copier Lease Center.

Will the copier work with my Mac?

If you are a MAC user, that is not an issue at all for us.  The one thing you will definately want is the Postscript module.  This will make the printing and scanning much easier.  A lot of the copiers already come with Postscript - the exceptions would be the Versalink C70XX Series as well as the B70XX series.  That being said, it is still an option for you at an additional price.

What happens if we decide we don’t need service or supplies for it or even use it to print?

If you get to the point where the copier is no longer needed, the equipment lease would still need to be fulfilled, but we are able to cancel the supplies and service agreement for a 1 time charge of $199.

Why do you seperate the equipment lease from the supplies and service billing?

We believe in options.  If we combine the lease and the supplies and service, if you need to change your service plan (up or down) it is a lot more complicated and even carries cost to do it if they are together.  When we seperate the charges, we are able to adjust the monthly supplies and service on the fly because we bill this ourselves and we are able to work with you to help you have the best plan for your business.

Is there a way to make installation cheaper?

One of the ways we help to ensure the installation isn't too expensive is we have the copier installations done remotely with a highly trained team.  This process has gotten much easier as more and more copier lease clients got used to using tools like Zoom.  This cuts down on the labor time for our staff and the costs because a person isn't required to physically go onsite and we are also able to use our best staff for each customer no matter where they are located.  If a physical person is needed, we still schedule that too, but things have progressed much in the copier world over the past 5 years to enable remote installs to not only be the cheapest way to install the copiers, but also the most efficient and the most convenient for clients who can schedule these installs when they have time in their schedules.