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We are currently working on an opportunity to help an oil company with 20+ copiers and one of their requirements is “pull printing” or “Follow Me Printing.”  The big question is “What is Pull Printing and how can it help my company?”

Pull Printing, or Follow Me printing is a unique solution that is awesome for enterprise level clients.  So here is basically what Follow Me printing is all about.

Follow me printing is where a person send a print job to a server and then the job is released when the client enters a PIN number or swipes a card reader.  These solutions can use the office entry CAC cards to release jobs or a PIN number set within the software.  The cool part, is you are not sending the job to one printer, you are sending the job to any printer where it can be released when you are ready to get the job.  If a person in accounting is using the copier and your sales presentation needs to be done in the next few minutes, you just walk to another printer and it works there.

Why Follow Me Printing?

  • User’s say they need a personal printer due to security, now they don’t need that.
  • You want to know who is printing what and when
  • You want to ensure people are not wasting prints
  • You need a chain of custody on documents
  • You want to bill to users or departments

What solutions are out there which do Follow Me printing?

Here are some of the solutions we found.  PrintAudit, PaperCut, Printer Logic, Ringdale, Nuance, UniPrint and ThinPrint.  Each one seems to have its’ own set of strengths.

PaperCut seems to be much more robust with reporting and routing.  Ringdale seemed to be cheaper and uses the network print server, ThinPrint had some of their own unique cards to help integrate almost anything.  If you are thinking about ThinPrint, we would technically suggest you take a quick peek at all 4.

ThinPrint Follow Me

FollowMe Xerox General Office from FollowMe on Vimeo.

Ringdale Follow Me

PaperCut Find Me

Our suggestion is if you are looking at the Follow Me Printing, you have your IT team take a look at all 4 and their strengths and weaknesses and find the features and price point that make the most sense to you.  Do you offer a Follow Me software platform you would like to have added?  Give us a call and let us know.

Our goal is to help clients get the most out of technology and help them be aware of the solutions that exist in the marketplace to help their company operate more efficiently.



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