Xerox Primelink Production Copiers

Xerox Primelink Production Printers


We have been selling the Xerox Primelink devices for years now. This includes the Xerox Primelink C9065, C9070 and the B9100 series for black and white. You may have come to this page because the product was suggested to you, or because you love Xerox and their exceptional reliability in their production class of copiers.

One reason why you may choose a Xerox Primelink over the little brothers like the Xerox Altalink or Xerox Versalink product lines is because there is an expection that you will print a lot more and you expect superior image quality. In fact, the Primelink is the first in series of copiers that have special toner like fluorescent magenta, cyan, etc. This can produce some pretty wild images you won’t see from a standard copier.

Next, the print speed is 65 and 70 pages per minute on the color units. And you can approach 100 pages a minute on the black and white versions.

The adaptive cmyk toner is one of the biggest sellers for print shops who want to offer clients truly unique output.

Key Competitors

This copier will commonly compete with other units in the marketplace like the Canon C235 copier or Ricoh IM7000.

We find these products all offer unique solutions (and we don’t actually sell the Ricoh line). Much of what you choose really depends on how you would like to use the copier in the first place.

If your concern is getting a copier with embedded pantone technologies, then really any of these will work. Especially if you add Fiery to one of the units.

The Xerox Primelink C9065 color printer is one of the best in the marketplace. When you print using the integrated color server, you will still get high quality and for most users, you should not need Fiery to get that perfect color for your marketing brochures or production color prints.

Xerox Connectkey Technology

Another advantage with Xerox is their Connectkey Technology. Think of this like apps on your cell phone, but for copiers. It enables user defaults and connections to cloud based services which could help you pull jobs from Google Drive, Dropbox or Office365. It also helps standardize the installation of your copiers and printers across a fleet of units.

What does it cost?

If you are going to get a Xerox Primelink C9065 or C9070 color device, you should expect to see quotes ranging from $350 per month to $500 per month for the device. This is not a cheap copier. It is for production print and isn’t your standard office copier.

If you would like to chat more about the Xerox Primelink C9065, Xerox adaptive cmyk technology or production printing, we are here to help! We sell production printers to companies across the united States with a variety of industry solutions.


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