What’s the Deal with Tabloid Copiers?

What’s the Deal with Tabloid Copiers? If you have been shopping around for a new office copier then you may have seen something called “tabloid copiers.” They have a much higher price tag and look much more professional than a cheaper model. Despite seeing these copiers, many people do not really know what they are getting when looking at a tabloid copier. It’s important to who what the deal is with a tabloid office machine before you buy one. Tabloid Copiers

Tabloid machines are machine that are able to print at tabloid size. This means that they can handle prints up to the size of at least 11” x 17”. Tabloid copiers that can handle prints of this capable are perfect for those who do a variety of projects with their office machines. Tabloid machines are perfect for creating newspapers, making magazines, or producing high quality posters. They also print at extraordinary speeds and have a much greater color selection that cheaper models.

WIth all these being said, you may be wondering why anyone would get something that wasn’t a tabloid copier. Well, it’s because tabloid copiers are much more expensive than smaller machines. In fact, many tabloid machines can cost more than twice as much as a more conservative option.

Tabloid copiers are great for those who need print shop quality products in their own office. If not, then getting a cheaper machine might be a better choice for you.


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