Paper Jam Tips

Knowing how to work with your copier can save you a lot of stress in the office. Copiers are meant to be user friendly, but problems still occur even with the best machines. The most common of these problems will be paper jams. Paper jams can cause a big problem in an office, but if you know how to handle them then it can be just a minor inconvenience. paper jam

A paper jam will happen when something is causing a block inside the printer. This is a common problem, but an easy one to fix.

  1. Locate the jam. Look inside the paper tray and see if you can find what’s causing the problem. If you cannot locate the issue in the paper tray then you may need to open up the copier.
  2. Remove the jam. Gently remove the paper causing the problem. Make sure you are careful to remove it slowly, focusing on not yanking on the paper. If you are too rough then you can cause damage inside the machine.
  3. Clean out and extra scraps. Make sure that no small pieces are left behind that could cause issues later on.
  4. Run a cleaning program. This will clear any excess dust or paper scraps that may be struck to the brushes.

If you follow these steps then you should be able to move on with your work day. However, if problems persist then you may be looking at something more serious. If you cannot figure out the issue then you may need to have a technician come to look at your copier.


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