3 Common Copier Leasing Mistakes to Avoid!

When leasing a copier it can be great to just get a quote and get along with your busy schedule. The problem is by not taking a few moments to evaluate the quality of the offer, then you ultimately may cost yourself thousands of extra dollars with a lease that isn’t quite right for you. Today I would like to cover, not the most common mistakes, but the most expensive mistakes people make when leasing a copier.

Mistake #1 – Leasing a Copier that is Wrong for Your Company

Many businesses lease copiers that are $6000 to $10000 when a $1000 copier would have worked well. The most common mistake is to get a copier that does 11 X 17 when you only need letter / legal sized paper.

Mistake #2 – Auto Renewing Lease Contracts

When you have your copier and it is working well, you may forget the end of your lease term is upon you. If you forget and miss the window of when you have to notify your current provider, many will auto-renew for another year, not just month to month.

Mistake #3 – Base Costs that Increase Over Time

One common mistake people make that gets really expensive is to see a low initial cost of say, 5 cents a color page, but then not notice there is a supplies and escalation fee that applies each year, we have seen as high as 15% – By the 5th year that 5 cents a page is closer to 10 cents a page. The company that offered 6 cents a page without an increase loses the deal, but was in fact thousands cheaper.

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