Why Opt for the 5-year Lease

When looking for a new copier lease you may notice that there are a number of options for lease length. While there are options for 24 month and 36 month leases, the 60 month option is by far the most popular choice. We took an interest in this at Copier Leasing Center and wanted to find out why people opt for the 5-year lease.

What we found out has a lot to do with the process of turning over and getting a new copier. Not everyone has experienced this, but returning a copier is not always the easiest process. Even though it seems like it should be straightforward, it is usually a hassle. Copier Leasing Center

There is a definite benefit that you do get with the shorter 2 or 3 year lease options. You are much more able to get the best technology when upgrading more often. Your office will basically always have the best office technology available. Unfortunately, lease rates are traditionally higher.

At Copier Leasing Center we found out that the 5-year lease option is the most popular compromise between all these factors. You have the best lease price per month, and do not have to worry about returning and getting new technology too often. 5 years is also typically enough time to keep you from being obsolete without being too old.

To find the best lease that fits your needs call Copier Leasing Center today. We have a variety of options to fit your needs. Give us a call and let us show you what makes us different.


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