Copier Companies – When Is It Too Many?

color copier Have you been looking for a copier?  If you have, you will understand how complicated and frustrating it can be to find the perfect copier.  One of the reasons why is there are simply too many copier companies, or should we say copier manufacturers?  The list of copier manufacturers seems practically endless, and one of the strangest parts about it is the fact most of the companies do way more than 1 Billion per year.  Gives you an idea of the size of the copier market!  Let’s look at some of the companies who sell copiers to consumers.

Xerox – Invented the copier, one of the major brands, use a lot of Samsung units.

HP – Has always been involved, especially in the desktop copier models.

Lexmark – Similar to HP, very large and lots of influence in the market.

Dell – Known more for computers, but they use a lot of Lexmark machines.

Ricoh – Major brand on larger equipment side

Lanier – See Ricoh

Sacin – See Ricoh

Kyocera Mita – Good copiers, touts the ceramic drums they have

Copystar – See Kyocera

Canon – High end copiers

Konica Minolta – Middle of the road

Toshiba – Use some Lexmark and also have a lot of their own stuff

Sharp – Was just purchased this week from what we saw

Samsung – Not just phones, has built printer engines for Xerox for years

Okidata – Too small for how good they are

Brother – Small Desktop copiers

Muratec – Not super popular

Epson – More inkjet

Panasonic – Generally more faxes

There are a lot of copier companies.  We work hard to try and help you get the best deal on your copiers.


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