What Kind Of Copier Lease Should I Get?

When choosing a copier, it is important to know what kind of lease makes sense for your company.  Here are some of the options you can choose from.

  • 36 Month FMV
  • 36 Month $1 Out
  • 48 Month FMV
  • 48 Month $1 Out
  • 60 Month FMV
  • 60 Month $1 Out

Of course there are other lengths of time, but those are the most common copier leases.  Now, that is 6 different options, how do you know what to pick?

First, you’ll need to know your budget and how you want your costs to be.  Do you prefer costs to be higher and contract to be shorter, or do you prefer a longer contract with lower monthly price?  The main decisions here are financial and how you buy.  Do you buy and use things forever, or do you like scheduled replacements.  If you like scheduled replacements, FMV leases are logical.  The reason is because when the lease comes up, then it is time to replace the copier.  If you prefer to use until the copier is “done,” then you would do better with a $1 Out lease.  The more you want to keep using the copier until it dies, the more you want a $1 Out Lease.  The more you want to make sure staff isn’t messing with repairs on an old copier, then a FMV makes more sense (though you could still do a $1 Out and then have that copier as a backup down the road.)

Shorter copier leases have higher monthly costs.  Longer copier leases have lower monthly costs.

We love to help people looking for copier leases and would be happy to help your company find the perfect copier!


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