Adding Security to your Copier Lease

If you are a small business that handles sensitive information, or copies documents with personal information, then you may be at risk. Cyber-attacks are becoming more common than ever, and many people are not taking the necessary precautions. The false idea that many people have is that once you have security on your network that everything is safe. What they do not understand is the risk that can come from not adding security to your copier lease.

Most modern day copiers and printers are very tech and have a variety of blue tooth and cloud storage capabilities. They also have a hard drive inside that will hold memory of every copy that has been sent through that specific copier. Adding Security

This can leave valuable documents vulnerable to anyone who can access their way into your copiers hard drive. This means that sensitive business documents, and even the social security numbers of your clients could be reached because you did not take the necessary steps.

Copier companies offer a variety of security options, and most only cost a few hundred dollars to secure your copier. Adding security to your copier lease may seem unnecessary to some, but a security kit for your copier could save you hours of hassle and hundreds of dollars.

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