Getting Copier Security

Are you doing everything that you can to protect your business? Many business owners are under the impression that all they need to do is get great network security to protect them from a possible data breach. This is not the case. There are more places that you can be vulnerable than just your internet connection, and that’s why you need copier security. Copier Security

There can be a deceivingly large amount of information stored in your office copier. All modern copiers have a powerful hard drive inside that allows it to do a number of important jobs, like save copies of jobs that you have completed. This means that everything that has ever happened in your copier has been tracked and can be accessed again.

  • Every printed page
  • Each scanned image
  • All copied pages
  • Anything sent or received by fax

All of these jobs will have copies that you can look at again if you know how. Imagine what kind of information could be stored on a paper that you never even thought about. Was it someone’s tax information or legal documents? Are you ready to take that risk?

Getting copier security is a great way to make sure that you are doing your part to protect yourself from the possible dangers to your business. Don’t wait until something bad happens.


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