Xerox Versalink C605 Review

A lot of business owners have fallen in love with the Xerox Versalink C605. You have high-quality prints, and you have usable scanning features that will make everything more convenient for you. This copier prints high-quality documents fast, and when you work in a fast-paced office environment, you need something that will support the workflow of the office. Lease through us, and we will give you a low cost-per-print plan that will put everything under a single cost.

Xerox Versalink C605 B&W Copier

What Makes This Copier Good?

You have a few things that have separated this copier from the herd. First, you have flexible and scalable configurations that will allow for the maximum level of productivity. In addition, the operating costs are quite low, and you can take advantage of mobile and cloud printing for the greatest flexibility. You could be anywhere in the office building and press print. This can make things much easier for you.

C605 Color Printer

With this copier, you can choose from five base models that include:

  • Versalink C605/X
  • Versalink C605/XF
  • Versalink C605/XP
  • Versalink C605/XTF
  • Versalink C605/XTP

Especially if you’re looking for mobile printing, this copier could become a big help in your search. You can choose from a variety of apps to do mobile printing that include:

  • Google Cloud Print
  • Apple AirPrint
  • Mopria
  • Xerox Print Service Plug-in

With this machine, you will also get a 7-inch color touchscreen that has allowed for easy printing capabilities. Through the paper tray, you get up to 550 sheets of paper holding capacity, and you have 150-sheet tray bypass. For a smaller office, this may will be the perfect addition to the office.

If you’d like to learn more, we invite you to contact us about a Xerox lease. We would love to do business with you. We will show you the ins and outs of the lease, and we will ensure that you get a great deal on your next copier. Like always with a Xerox machine, the Versalink C605 comes with plenty of security features that will keep your business safe. The company also has a reputation for being an eco-friendly choice that focuses on good industry practices. For example, you can copy off paper using the duplex feature to save on the cost of paper.

Xerox Versalink C605 Copier


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