Why Purchase? Lease Instead

Banner-Copier-Gal Go with a Lease Instead of Purchase 

It can be difficult in these economic times to give up a large amount of cash for an office equipment purchase outright. Who has that kind of cash lying around? And you don’t want to tangle up your credit in a purchase like a copier or printer, because you want to maintain a healthy, open line of credit to be in good standing for anything from expansion to staffing and operational expenses — all of which need a solid credit history. Plus, you can maintain a monthly business expense with a lease, not a debt, which is what you would have if you bought your copier.

Come tax time, your leased copier is fully deductible, so you can save a little cash there as well. Whether you need a wireless or laser printer, or a commercial or residential copier, leasing that piece of equipment can be beneficial in the realm of technology too. When you buy copiers, they get old really quick. With leases, you have the opportunity to upgrade frequently, getting the most bang for your buck. Take advantage of all that new technology and lease a copier today. Take advantage of an equipment lease program that meets your needs and budget, resulting in affordable monthly payments you can easily swing.


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