Lease a Copier Today

Banner-Copier-Gal You probably need to purchase a copier for your school or office, but you know that you simply do not have the cash on hand to make such a large purchase. Instead of relying on one big purchase, you can lease a copier that will sit in your office every day but will not drain your pocketbook.

Think of the difference that a copier can make in your office. The copier is the gateway to getting all of your materials printed fast. Not only that, some copiers can also serve as scanners and fax machines. You can get all the functionality you need.When repairs need to be done, you have someone to call. You will get a chance to work with the company that leases to you so the copier is always operational. If you need to make an upgrade, you can work out a deal on your lease.

Having a copier in the office that can handle all you need done is not a pipe dream. You can lease a copier for a fair price, have it sitting in your office at all times, and have a direct line to the leaseholder in case you need repairs or upgrades. Leasing a copier sets you free to be more productive every single day.

We can get your leasing paperwork turned around same business day in most cases!


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