What to Ask Prior to Signing a Copier Lease

Don't get sucked into a bad lease

Questions to Ask Before Signing That Copier Lease

An essential tool for a functional office, you need to have the right copier for the best results. You want do not want to pay money for a machine that breaks down all the time. If you decide to lease instead, ask these questions to receive a machine that meets the demands of your office.

What Is Your Leasing Policy?

Before signing that contract, understand the ins and outs of the company’s lease policy. Figure out when the lease term ends and if you will have to notify them in advance. This ensures that the leasing policies will meet your needs in the office.

What Features Does the Machine Offer?

When examining machines, have a priority list to determine your most essential needs. Looking into copiers, find one that meets your criteria. Here are some of the common features a business owner may need:

  • Color Copies
  • Duplex
  • Pages Per Minute
  • Network Connection Capabilities

If Demands Increase, Will I Be Allowed to Upgrade?

Over time, the demands of your office may increase, which is why you want a lease that gives you the option to upgrade. It is a smart business move, and it guarantees that you have the technology needed to keep your office running smoothly. Especially startup businesses do not know whether their demands will increase, so they should leave the option open.

Asking questions gives you a greater chance of getting the right copier for your business. When looking at leasing services, ask the company questions. Communication leads to the best results. We negotiate the best leasing terms possible and believe in helping customers to understand their needs.


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