Toner Cartridges

Bug 162019 1280Have a Malfunctioning Toner Cartridge?

Low, empty and malfunctioning toner cartridges have become a common issue with business owners. We hear this question quite often, and if you are low or empty on toner, a simple replacement will fix the problem. However, if you have a malfunctioning toner cartridge, there are one of two problems that could be happening. First, you could have a manufacturer’s error. If it is a manufacturer’s error, simply bring the cartridge to the location where you purchased it and ask for a replacement.

The second reason for a malfunctioning toner cartridge occurs because of incompatibility issues with your copier. Most copiers will need a specific toner, and if you have bought an incompatible cartridge, you will see a dramatic negative impact on the print quality. How can you fix this issue? First, check your owner’s manual to determine what type of cartridge will be compatible with your machine. This will give you high quality results. Second, watch out for cartridges that will not be compatible with your copier. If this still does not resolve your issue, contact us for further information. We can help you to find a suitable answer.


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