The End of the Copier Lease

Lease Ends: What You Need to Know About Shipping

While copier wheels have been designed for moving a copier around an office space, they were not designed for transport or heavy pushing off a truck. When choosing a shipment company, you should ask the following questions to guarantee that the professionals will handle your copier correctly. If they specialize in copier transport, this is even better.

First, ask if they have lift gates available for their trucks. This makes it much easier to load and unload the copier. Next, check to see that the shipper provides a blanket wrap service to protect the copier during the shipment. You should also ask about their methods used to secure the copier after it has reached the truck. In addition, ask if the company uses a driver that completes a detailed spreadsheet when picking up and delivering the copier. They should note the condition of the copier at both locations. This will protect you in the event that the leasing company tries to claim that damage occurred.

Finally, check to see if the shipping company offers insurance for the copier. Never ship a copier without insurance because if damage occurs to your copier, you will be held liable. Even if they have insurance, ask how the insurance value will be determined before you agree to use them.


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