Save Money over the Long Term

kyocera copier If you are going to save money, you should not look at the cost of the copier in itself. For true success, you need to look at the total cost of ownership. There will be things that you will not see that you will want to account for. Otherwise, you could run into trouble with copying, and it becoming more expensive than planned. Some of the other factors that you should include are:

  • Toner Yield
  • Maintenance Contract
  • Price of Repairs without a Maintenance Contract

In order to save money on a lease or the purchase of a copier, you have to look at the total cost. Never allow yourself to be pulled in by a low entry fee. Sometimes you will see this with dishonest leases where the company offers an insanely low price to entice customers into signing—wait one second! Remember you are signing a contract with a financial commitment. In many cases, that’s the first fee and the monthly payments will slowly rise. While our company in Austin cannot quite offer those prices, we can offer a competitive price that is honest. You will not be baited into something that turns out more expensive than you figured. We are a reputable and ethical company that believes our customers deserve complete transparency.


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