Office Photocopiers

Office Photocopiers

What are you looking for in an Office Photocopier?

We work with companies who are getting an office photocopier and we have seen where people go really right, and where they make some mistakes.  We want to help your company make a good decision on an Office Photocopier.  We define an office photocopier as a copier that costs roughly $600 or more to purchase.  Other copiers we would call consumer photocopiers.

When you are buying a copier, what are some of the core things to pay attention to?

  • Only get 11 X 17 paper if you need 11 X 17 paper
  • Don’t get a finisher if you don’t staple or do super long print jobs
  • Get color when you use color, try and avoid color if you only do black & white
  • Focus on both the equipment costs as well as the supplies and services
  • Make sure there are no hidden charges
  • Consider getting a demo unit if it makes sense.

Some of the mistakes we see come in the leasing area of getting your office photocopier.

  • People sign up for leases longer than they really need.
  • People forget to give notice at the proper time at the end of the lease
  • People don’t separate equipment costs from the supplies and service agreement.

Why does separating the costs help?

We always think itemizing costs makes sense for the client.  There are a few reasons for this.

  • If your costs are blended, if you need to return your office photocopier early, then the buyout will include both the equipment costs and the cost of the service.  So the buyout can be 10’s of thousands of dollars higher.
  • The itemizing helps you determine the value of features such as fax, stapling, and booklet making.
  • You can check pricing out easier if you know the cost of each item.  Comparing apples to apples is much more complex when it is all lumped together.

Some of the other things you may want to consider when looking to lease your next office photocopier are the following:

  1. Start looking at your options about 6 months out, but realize pricing will not be guaranteed by most vendors until you are ready to order as our costs go up and down based on manufacturer specials.
  2. Ask about closeouts on models.  Sometimes you can get a great deal on an end of life model.
  3. Add the notification period as a task in your email or whatever you use for tasks to notify you when you are in the window to return the copier.
  4. Ask questions about Apps and other items that matter to your company.

One of the questions we get asked the most is How are Office Photocopier Lease Rates factored?

The basics of a copier lease is you will have an initial cost, let’s call it $5000 for this example. The next part that is factored in is how long will the copier lease be for? Finally, there is considerations about what type of lease are you doing (FMV or $1 Out). Once these are determined, then there is a lease rate factor that is used to come up with the ultimate per month costs on your copier.

One of the final questions that comes up often is “what happens when I am in a bad lease and I want to cancel it early?”

This is a tricky situation, for sure. We see this happen with a lot of companies with their office photocopier. There are a few thoughts that might help you out.

  • It is always necessary to know they buyout if you want to rollout into a new copier lease.  This is done by calling the lease company and asking what is the current buyout if you were to return the copier.
  • If you call and ask for a buyout, expect a call from you current copier company seeing if there is an upgrade potential.  The bank shares the fact you inquired with the current copier company.
  • If you don’t like the buyout number, it is always best to have a candid conversation with the current copier company.  Sometimes you can work out a better arrangement.  Sometimes they are unwilling or unable to budge.
  • We have heard of some people getting out of their year extensions if they play their cards right, but that seems to be more of a bank function than it is a regular happening.

If you are ready to get an office photocopier, we would love to chat with you.  We help companies across the entire USA with their Copier Leases.

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