Improving Your Copier Time to Service

When a copier stops working, it can grind a business operation to a halt. The contracts that need to sign cannot be printed, the sales brochures are not going out. If you are the one responsible for keeping the copier running for your company, you are aware of the massive distraction a broken printer causes. Not only can the necessary items not be printed, but each person will report what is happening to the person delegated to take care of the printers and copiers for their company. 

Rather than getting upset when a printer issue happens, we wanted to provide some guidance to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Eliminate Simple Issues First

When your printer stops working, the first step is to eliminate obvious issues. For example, if one person cannot print, but for other people, the printer is working, then you know the issue is something to do with the connection of the person who cannot print to the printer. Maybe there is an error code on the screen that will tell you the exact issue that needs to be resolved. 

The most common error we see where there is an easy fix is if the wrong paper is not loaded into the copier or printer. This can be trickier when a person picks colored paper to print on and only white paper is loaded. Some of these smaller issues can be solved by seeing what the copier is saying or by checking out the network connectivity first.

Make Sure Your Copier has a Sticker on it

The benefit of putting a service sticker on the copier is for when issues happen and the person who has been addressing the copier is not in the office. If Jeff normally helps with all of the copier issues, and then Jeff gets sick, people need to know who to call. Rather than creating a major puzzle for the team to solve, a service sticker can give your team a company to call to make sure your copier gets the services it needs as quickly as possible.

Place a Detailed Service Ticket

One of the most common messages we get about a copier that is no longer working is just that. “The copier isn’t working, I need a technician.” Having more details allows our team to dispatch the correct personnel, and every copier company has the same basic process. Knowing which team member is going to take care of the issue, or at least the basics of the issue, helps to speed up the time to get printing again. 

There is a world of difference between getting an email that says, “Our copier isn’t working, we need help ASAP!” and “This morning when we tried to print from a Mac printer, we were unable to print, but strangely, other computers seem to be printing fine. This issue started this morning for the Mac, and they were able to print last week.”

Now the second description doesn’t tell us for sure what is happening, but we know we need the person who is going to call to be very familiar with networking and not just the hardware. If the message said, “We can’t print, we were running a job this morning and there was a paper jam we have been unable to clear”, it would need a completely different person than the Mac not printing issue.

Pahoda Wants to Help

Our passion is to help keep our customers printing. If you have issues, we suggest looking at the clear cues first, then calling the company on the sticker placed on your copier for help. Ultimately, when you place a service call, be as detailed as you can be about what is going on to ensure the right person calls you back and is able to help you get printing again. 

Our team has been trained to resolve most issues remotely, so the more information we have, the better. If you would like to work with a company that can help get your copier printing again as fast as possible, give our team a call today!


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