Getting the Copier Dealer on Your Team

Copier Leasing: Your Dealer on Your Side?

Because technology changes rapidly, you may be considering a new copier or replacing your out-of-date machine. If you are not currently in an equipment lease, you might be weighing the pros and cons of buying and leasing. Most customers choose to lease their copiers because it puts less of a dent in their available capital, and when the equipment becomes obsolete, they can replace it. With leases, you receive a tax deduction because lease payments are an operating expense. In addition, equipment upgrades keep you productive and competitive, and structured payments match your cash flow to have less impact on your budget.

Beyond the benefits, you have to ask a deeper question: How do you know if the dealer is on your side? A good dealer will be a great customer advocate. In the years that we have been in business, we recognize the importance of being the customer’s chief negotiator and advocate. That responsibility starts from day one, and it continues until the final payment and end-of-lease obligations. For the most part, you are dependent on the dealer throughout the complete process, so you need someone who works for you.

Before you sign that lease, ask about the options you will have at the end of your lease. In addition, ask how far in advance you will have to notify the business when your lease is nearing its end. In some cases, you have to give a 180 day notice, or the copier lease will automatically renew itself, and you will be stuck paying for a longer period. We are experts on the equipment sold, but also in the leasing services offered. We have experience negotiating the best deals for our customers.


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