Getting More Life Out of Your Copiers

When you are leasing a copier, you are making both a technical decision in terms of the equipment you are leasing and a financial commitment to the copier for 3, 4 or 5 years. Do you want to make sure you are getting the most from your investment?  We can help!

We have been helping companies lease copiers for over 10 years, and we work with teams to get their copiers to last as long as possible. 

In this article we will explore some ways to increase the useful life of your copier so you can use it at full strength for the entirety of your copier lease.

Get the Right Copier

When choosing the right copier for your company, you will want to consider how many people are using the copier, and then how many pages those users will typically print. The reason you want to know this is because some copiers are designed for lower utilization and others are expecting more use. If you buy the fastest copier on the market but only print 50 pages a month, you would most likely have more problems, not less, because the production copiers expect more print volume and actually do better when they are run some each month.

There are a couple of ways you can determine your print volume and make an estimate. 

  • You can get the existing bills and assume that’s a good baseline. If you are currently being charged for 7000 color prints and 5000 black and white prints, that could be a starting point and then you would just need to decide if you expect to print more in the future or less.
  • How many users are printing to the copier? If you have a busy office with a lot of users, then you need to have a copier that can keep up with everyone’s needs.
  • How much paper are you buying? (This estimate works better if you only have one printer or copier.) If you have an enterprise fleet, this won’t work to estimate for an individual copier.
  • Run a data collection agent (DCA) in your network which will pull all of the printing data from your printers so you can get an accurate assessment of what your team is printing.

Having a copier that handles the volume of prints you intend to make is a critical part of the puzzle for what copier to buy.  Our sales team will help you narrow down your choices based on your needs.

Use OEM Supplies

This is one of the points some people would believe we are making because OEM supplies are more expensive. We have found there is a much higher incident of service tickets from clients who choose to use compatible supplies rather than OEM. Can compatibles be cheaper? Absolutely! When you factor in down time and the life of the copier, we find for most companies OEM supplies help push out the useful life of products not by months, but by years.

Be Gentle

Many people have seen the movie Office Space and how they treat their printers. We are trying to avoid such treatment. If you are having issues, try to stay calm and gently remove jams and shut doors. Some clients break printers or copiers because they are not patient when dealing with an issue. This tends to be more common the longer a person has a copier.

These tips should help you get the most of your copier. There are always bonus tips like “use good paper” or “train your users,” but these are the main issues a company should be considering if they want to help make sure their copier lasts for the long run!

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