How to Lease a Copier Online

Have you been considering a copier lease or office printer from a local company, then realized perhaps this is something you can just get online instead? Maybe you wonder if you can lease a copier online. We sell and lease copiers all over the nation from our website here.

We have been in business for years and have leased nearly 1,000 printers and copiers over the last decade. We are experienced in the best ways to do copier leases online with our clients.

Some Subtle Differences in Requests

We have noticed some practical differences between companies who call only their local provider for copiers, and those who are willing to expand the circle to a national company. Most companies that look online are doing so to ensure they get a fair deal or to figure out where to start. There is a desire for information first, then relationship. 

We find most companies that go online, once we work with them, are the best clients we have, because they take the time to compare and look at options. These clients end up being happier, because they have a passion for getting it right in the first place.

Let’s go over some of the differences between purchasing a copier online and getting one from most local suppliers.

Benefits of Leasing a Copier Online

When leasing a copier online, you get a nice set of benefits which you will generally not get when working with a local company. For example, you will not have to have an “in-person” appointment, except perhaps on Microsoft Teams or Zoom, but most of our clients are fine with just using the phone. If you would prefer not to meet in person to cover all the needs you might have, online copier leasing may be for you. 

Another benefit of leasing a copier online is that most vendors who do any real business in this world will have plans to support copiers nationwide. This is great when you have multiple locations, especially spread all over the country. (Some vendors are capable of nationwide service, so do your research.)

A final benefit is companies that specialize in online copier leasing also tend to carry more than one brand. As inventory levels are tricky across the board, having more manufacturer options increases the chances you can get your copier quicker.

Disadvantages of Leasing a Copier Online

Not everything is better if you lease a copier online. There is actual value, at times, to having a rep walk around and ask questions of the staff about usage and the needs the company has. 

Even through simple observation, the rep may see a series of filing cabinets with open drawers and see an opportunity to increase your efficiency with document management. If you just called, that would not have been discovered. Maybe the rep sees 20 other printers and realizes managed print would be a better option for you. 

Of course, there are ways to overcome this through surveys, etc, but that requires patience from the user. Users are not always on board to answer too many questions. If you are good with questions, there is more to glean through good surveys and questions to key team members. We normally try to see if you need:

  • Color copier or a black-and-white copier
  • Letter/legal or 11″x17″ printing
  • Assessment of print volumes

When Local Connections Are Important

Another disadvantage of leasing a copier online is when you deal with a strictly local company, and you have a copier repair emergency, you may know the technician from your Elks Lodge, church or as a parent to your kids’ friends at school. 

When you work with an online company, you can lose the ability to pull favors to get the equipment fixed super-fast (within the hour, for example.) To be fair, we have become friends with our clients over the years and can escalate calls, too, but there is a natural advantage for a more local company in such a situation.

Your Online Copier Leasing Source

Copier Lease Center is your source of copiers online. We can quote and help you determine the best fit by asking you questions and taking the time to really see what would work for your company. We carry Canon, Xerox, HP and other brands as needed. We will have a copier in stock that you can use and that will help your company. 

Also, we make getting a quote from us super easy!

We have capital lease options, where you can select your lease term and what copy machine gets you to the budget you need to be at. As your online copier dealer, we will help you make the right choice with your copier, laser printer or multifunction printer purchases.


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