Copiers for Minneapolis Based Companies

Copier Leases in Minneapolis

Once upon a time, copiers weren’t considered absolute must-haves in business; especially by the small or mid-sized company. They were technological luxuries utilized by large corporations and a few heavily-backed start-ups that took delight in showing off ostentatious trappings. The smaller enterprises were happily satisfied with that old standby, carbon paper.

Commercially, that atmosphere has changed mightily. Today, no legitimate business would even attempt to function without a copier. It’s as essential as the eraser on a pencil once was.

Realistically, the more multifunctional a company requires its copier to be, the higher the price. This can be a heavy liability for a company just starting out. For reasons ranging from burdensome expenditure to simply misunderstanding lease versus purchase differences, it could be problematic.

Cost can also be a negative factor for the established business. By owning the equipment, the company is responsible for maintenance, supplies and repairs. In leasing the copier, the lessor assumes that responsibility. The important thing is to know the lessor.


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