Copier Leasing Mistakes

If you are looking for a copier lease, there are a lot of options on the market. It can be easy to make mistakes, which cost money or make the experience less pleasant for you. To be fair, most leases tend to be equitable in their terms. This is an article on how to spot a lease that isn’t quite normal compared to the marketplace.

We will cover what to ask about and what to look for when reviewing your next copier lease.

Automatic Rollovers with Copier Leasing

Most copier leases will have an automatic rollover provision. What this means is when you get to the end of your lease, if you don’t renew it, it automatically rolls over another term. The most common timeframe for a rollover is one month or three months. What you would ideally want to avoid is a rollover that was one year or more.

Copier Lease with No Insurance

Not having an insurance sheet showing your copier is covered if it was damaged can cause issues for your wallet. Most copier leasing companies will charge $15 to $30 a month if you don’t have insurance. If you have insurance for your business, then it is good to get a page from your insurance company saying the copier is covered in case it is damaged.

Rolling Over Too Soon

If you have more than six months remaining on your lease, it is generally better to wait until you get closer to the end of your lease before you do an upgrade. This is because too much of your old debt can be rolled into the new lease, making it more expensive if you had just waited for a bit.

Getting a Good Copier Lease

Getting a copier lease shouldn’t be too tricky for you and your company. Basically, it is a matter of just knowing the copier you want to get, making sure the pricing is fair, and then signing the agreement for the new copier lease. 

A fair copier company will go over what is included and what is not included in your copier lease. One final thing to think about is if there are prints included in your copier lease. If these prints are included, it will be a different price than if the prints and the copier are leased separately.

We would love to help you with your next copier purchase. We have a team of sales professionals who can help you find the right copier for your company.


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