Copier Leases in Baltimore

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Easy Leasing

If you are a small business owner in Baltimore needing a copier, then leasing one is a great option. Buying a copier outright is an expense that most small business owners are unable to afford. Leasing has additional advantages besides eliminating the upfront cost of owning a copy machine (like Section 179 tax benefits). The company that provides leased copiers is responsible for routine maintenance and repair, including fixing components that are broken.

Short-Term Leases

Small business owners are not the only individuals needing a copier lease. Large businesses such as medical facilities, law firms and schools use a copier everyday to provide paperwork for patients, clients or students. While larger businesses often own office equipment, when a copy machine malfunctions requiring a repair at a manufacturer, a short-term lease is a way to keep on making copies.

Save Money

Individuals in Baltimore can contact Copier Lease Center with a telephone call or email to find the rates on an assortment of copy machines. While many copier leasers require long-term agreements, it is possible to negotiate concerning lease agreements. If you want to save time and money while making copies needed for a business, then leasing is a more affordable option than traveling to a print shop.


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