Choosing the right Copier Lease Length

There are a number of things to balance when you are about to get a new copier lease. The most obvious one is choosing a copier model that works for your business. The next thing to consider is what copier lease length is right for you. Choosing the right copier lease length determines a number of things with your copier down the road so you want to make sure that you are making the right choice.

We looked into our leases over the years and found an interesting trend. About 75% of the people that lease with us at Copier Lease Center follow the same lease length. It turns out that the 60 month lease option is by far the most popular choice. Now, why would that be?

Our research showed a number of reasons that the 60-month lease option was right for most people.


  • Cheaper payments. When you have a longer lease you don’t have to pay as much per month. A longer lease spaces your total payments out so you don’t have to pay in as large of chunks. This is probably the biggest drive for most people.
  • Longer opportunity to stay with a company that you like. It can be hard to find a copier leasing company that you like and trust. This can lead people to want to stay with the company that they are working with for a longer period of time. It can be hard to find the next best option so people like to stay with what they know.
  • Leasing a copier is annoying. We all know that finding a great copier lease is not easy or fun. Many people dread having to go through the process again, and so they like to get a longer lease to push that away for as long as possible.


A 60-month lease is not the only option that copier leasing companies offer. You can get shorter leases around the 24-36 months length for any number of reasons. However, if you are new to the process then looking at the 60-month option may be where you want to begin.


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