Chicago, Illinois

We sell copiers in the windy city of Chicago! Chicago is a large city with much to see, do, and experience.

A notable thing about Chicago is that if you are at the top of  Sears Tower you can see four states on a clear day: Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

If you visit or live here and you are in the mood for some exploring – here are some places to visit:

Let’s not forget the great food options. It’s known for its Chicago style pizza, a deep dish style that may require you to pull out a fork. It’s delicious and there are some great places to get it from, including: Uncle Jerry’s Pizza Company, Burt’s Place, George’s Deep Dish, Bartoli’s, The Art of Pizza, and Pequod’s. There are so many other great places, but those are the top rated ones in the area.

Some interesting facts about Chicago are:

  • Lake Michigan has about 26 miles of lakefront, including an 18.5-mile path.
  • Chicago’s first permanent settler was businessman Jean Baptiste du Sable, an African-American man who was from what is now Haiti.
  • In 1900, Chicago successfully reversed the flow of the Chicago River so it would empty into the Mississippi River instead of Lake Michigan.
  • The term “jazz” originated in Chicago in 1914.
  • The world’s first skyscraper, known as the Sears Tower, was built in 1885 in Chicago.
  • The Harold Washington Library Center has approximately 6.5 million books and was the world’s largest municipal library when it opened in 1991.
  • There are 56 museums in the Windy City, including the Field Museum where visitors can see a real Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.
  • Chicago is home to one of the biggest outdoor food festivals in the world – The Taste of Chicago.

So, if you’re only visiting for a short time or have been in Chicago for a while and haven’t had time to explore, you should get out and enjoy the city because it has so much to offer. And don’t forget to give us a call if you are looking for a Canon copier in Chicago!