7 Best Alternatives to Fax (Outside a Copier)

Are you a company who still needs to fax? Welcome back to 1997. Of course, there are still reasons people fax. Compliance, clients who won’t change, or just a business need for a process to happen for orders outside of email.

If you have a copier, and need faxing, this article is for you. Maybe you want to know what are some good alternatives for fax, aside from the copier. Maybe you already have a copier that doesn’t have fax, so this is to help you find alternatives. Especially towards the end of a copier lease when you don’t want to pay full price for faxing.

Option 1 – Get a fax card

If you have a copier at the initial phase of the copier lease, then getting a card for your current copier could be a good idea. The problem with this is you will still need a fax line (which in some cases can be $30 to $40 or more per month). If you have a fax number currently, most services allow a porting option too (meaning you take your fax number to the efax company.)

Option 2 – Humble Fax

Benefit of Humble Fax is it is $10 per month for unlimited faxing and 10 users. This is a newer player in town as far as efax, but it is making a good run.

Option 3 – Efax

This is one of the more expensive efax platforms. At about $29 per month plus initial $10 setup, they allow up to 375 pages per month. They do offer searchable faxing.

Option 4 – MyFax

$12 per month, this comes with 100 send and receive per month with bigger plans also available. They also have a nice app to use your cell phone to fax too.

Option 5 – HelloFax

This platform is pretty easy to use and even has a free option for super light volume users.

Option 6 – Ufax

This is another service which is $12 per month and even advertises HIPAA compliance, which is a nice feature for medical offices.

Option 7 – RingCentral or other UCC platforms

One of the easiest ways to get fax is to connect it to your existing phone system, especially when it is in the Cloud.

When you are getting a copier, there are fax cards and there are platforms to help you fax electronically easier. We hope we can help you get a copier and help find the perfect setup for your faxing.


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