Always Hiring Talented Sales Reps

We like sales people, we believe that each person who does sales has an obligation to do the best they can for their own career as well as the best they can for their clients.  We find it amazing when there is a new sales rep who is driven to make money and offer fantastic service.

We have roles where we can get a new copier leasing rep in on the ground floor, or if seasoned, get higher quality leads to sell to.  We work hard to cooperate and come up with copier commission plans that can work for everyone.

How would you know if you are a great fit with our copier company?

  • First of all, you need a passion to grow and improve
  • Second, we believe in hard work and discipline
  • Third, we believe in cooperation
  • Fourth, we believe in doing whatever it takes to win a customer, when ethical
  • Fifth, maybe you want to be able to work and travel the world at the same time
  • Sixth, you don’t need a huge base salary.  You are able to make a living off of commissions.

If you have these basic values, it is a great start.  That isn’t an exhaustive list.  Notice we don’t talk about age, gender, religion, etc.  We don’t mention it because we don’t really care.  You be you as long as you are a contributing member of society.

The reps we have had who have done well are very driven and focused.  We allow up to 1 hour per workday 4 days per week to be devoted to reading.  We believe strongly in the concept we can grow our skills and what you may not know today makes no difference for tomorrow, other than your willingness to learn.  If you are the type of person who enjoys setting your own schedule, not having a manager micro-manage you, but who also has the flexibility to work from essentially anywhere.

We have amazing tools, amazing people and we are super proud of our automation tools to keep our clients lives more simple and the copier leasing to make more sense for you.  We would love to chat with you when you have an opportunity.


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