Adding a Little to the Lease Rate Factor…

copier_girl Copier dealers are struggling with decreasing margins on equipment and many customers shopping around to get the best rates.  One of the newest tricks copier dealers are employing is adding a little to the lease rate factor.  For example, if the leasing company offers the dealer a rate of .0200 – the copier company will quote the customer using a lease rate factor of .0215 – So on a $10,000 copier, this is $15 a month.  On a 60 month lease that is $900 extra dollars in the dealers pocket which they don’t have to pay their sales reps a commission on.

It is always good, because of this common practice, is to see what the lease rate factor being offered is.  If you actually get the lease rate factor, this way of trying to get you to pay more will actually backfire on the copier company.  Since the reps know their company practices this, they often start with a lower cost on the equipment to stay competitive.  You’ll still get the lower cost and you can have the copier company match the lease rates.

FYI – You would pay $200 a month if the lease rate factor for your copier was .02 and the copier costs $10,000.  $10,000 * .02 = $200

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