A Buyer’s Thought – From a Seller….

9050MFP copier I was searching for the perfect phone system for our company and I realized I have been making some sales mistakes on the copier leases we do.  I want to go over what happened and then talk about how that changed how I looked at leasing a copier.

So, I was thinking the lowest cost was the only thing that really mattered.  Now I am not so sure.

So, I was looking at one phone system.  It had a lower price (About $100 a month) and better customer service, and better interfaces.  All was good.

Company 2 enters – It is more (About $130 a month) has a better reputation and a bit worse design.

So – Most would assume company 1 won our business…  but no.  They lost.  Why?  The first rep would ask.

Yes they were cheaper, but they capped their minutes at about the usage level we used.  More talking would mean more cost.  Company 2 was unlimited.

I don’t like chaos.  I like things to be predictable.  I know it may cost a bit more, but I will pay for it if it means I have less risk.

Most business owners feel the same way.  It is easy to deal with a fixed cost, it is the variable costs that are annoying.

So, I realized there may be people looking at copiers the same way.  We need to help no matter how they want to lease the copier.


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