Xerox WorkCentre 6505 Overview

Not every business has the same needs. You don’t always need a Godzilla of a machine to solve your office problems. It important to get something that actually fits your needs. This helps you save money on costs and lease prices. Getting a good value is about getting the right fit, not jumping on something you don’t need because it’s a good deal. Xerox WorkCentre 6505

The Xerox WorkCentre 6505 is the perfect machine for those who need a simple solution to their office problems. This is a value-packed machine that can be the perfect answer for a small business. It is the right solution for today’s pace of business, while offering a combination of outstanding print quality, unparalleled simplicity, and dependability.

This machine gives true colors that easily capture attention. This simple device is the perfect option for those who work alone, or in small work groups. It is easily managed with Xerox Centreware IS that allows you to manage from the convenience of your computer browser.

The WorkCentre 6505 uses Xerox’s exclusive EA Toner. Pantone Color approved solid-color simulations and Xerox color correction technology gives results to match expectations.

This machine is a great match for anyone that works in small groups. It is the quiet partner you need to not distract yourself from work. It is also easily integrated into any workplace because of its simplicity and size.

Give us a call if you think that the WorkCentre 6505 is the right option for you. We know we can work together and get you a lease that you will love.


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