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Xerox printer options for your business!

If you are looking for a Xerox printer, you may be wanting to see your options. We have all of the Xerox printers available and can help guide you on which Xerox printer might be best for your company. The sheer amount on options can become overwhelming, so we want to help guide you in your print journey.

We have been selling Xerox printers since the Xerox Phaser were the most popular printers out there. The ones that had super popular appeal were the old wax based printers. Since then, Xerox has gone to their connectkey technology and laser and LED based printer technology.

In this article, we will cover some of the popular Xerox printers and help you determine which Xerox printer might be right for you!

Start with Function

Do you need a printer only, or a multifunction printer? We can help with the single function (print only) or multifunction printer (print, scan, copy and fax)

If you think you may need to scan, you will need the multifunction device. If you scan lower volumes, then you would be looking at the Xerox Versalink product line. The Versalink series is great for when you have a low monthly print volume.

There are color and black and white versions for the desktop versions.

Color Multifunction Printers –

  • Versalink C405
  • Versalink C505
  • Versalink C605

The Versalink C405 is the least expensive and the C605 the most robust of the three. The engine that does the color multifunction printer options you see also make regular printers with similar names. Below is a list of the color printer options you can get with Xerox.

  • Versalink C400
  • Versalink C500
  • Versalink C600

The difference is the trailing 5 at the end of the model number. The 5 lets you know it is a multifunction, the 00 are your standard laser printers.

Next, you may think you don’t need any color. If this is the case, we also have black and white Xerox printers and multifunction units.

Xerox Black and White Printers. The lower numbers generally have lower print speed than the higher numbers.

  • Versalink B405
  • Versalink B605
  • Versalink B615

The printer versions, like on color have similar numbering.

  • Versalink B400
  • Versalink B600
  • Versalink B610

If you are wondering what happened to the Xerox Workcentre line, those have pretty much all been discontinued and replaced by these Xerox printers.

This is the basic information on the laser printer options you may find today from Xerox or an authorized Xerox seller. You can make any of these a wireless printer, you will just need the wifi kit.

Xerox leads the industry with color laser technology and the emulsion aggregrate toner cartridge will create lasting and very smooth color for all of your printing needs. You can shop Xerox online, through them directly, but our team is better equipped to help you setup your new printer.

We help companies find the best Xerox printers, and have printing, document and security solutions for most companies. We can help with standard printers or remote office printers all over the USA. Some of the additional items we sell would be toner cartridges, printer stands, sometimes Postscript kits, extra paper trays, etc.

Our goal is to help you with your office printers. We will help you get the right printer with the right functions and the needed print speed and accessories. Please let us know how we can help with your Xerox printers anywhere in the USA.


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