Xerox AltaLink “Held for Resources” Error

When trying to print, it can be frustrating to see an error code or message coming on the copier you are using. While we do not see a lot of issues or errors with the Xerox AltaLink line of copiers, one of the most common errors we do see is the message “Job Held for Resources.” If you are getting this message and want to know what is causing the message and how to clear it or get your prints, we are here to help you. At Pahoda Copiers & Printers, we have expertise in the Xerox AltaLink family and how to best utilize the devices and overcome some of the most common challenges.

The Good News

When you get the “job held for resources” error, the good news is it simply means that the paper in the copier does not match what was expected or needed when you submitted the job to be printed. Some examples could be the following:

  • A job was using A4 paper in the driver, but letter-sized (similar but not the same), is loaded in the device.
  • A job was submitted requiring legal-sized paper, but only letter-sized is loaded
  • A job was submitted needing recycled paper, but only plain paper is loaded
  • Labels are being printed, and no labels are loaded

This should give you a pretty clear idea of what causes the issue. Now, you can go to the control panel, click on jobs, and see what the printer is expecting or what is required. Once you see what it is, you can load it into the multipurpose tray and your job will print. 

The other common alternative is to simply delete the job, and try again to make sure the driver settings match what is in the printer.

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