Xerox AltaLink Copiers Showdown: C8130 vs. C8135 vs. C8145 vs. C8155 vs. C8170

Navigating the world of copiers can be a daunting task, especially with a lineup as versatile as the Xerox AltaLink series. From the C8130 to the C8170, there are nuanced differences that cater to varied business needs. Here, we’ll break down the key features of these models to help you identify the perfect match for your operations.

At a Glance: Feature Comparison

To give you a snapshot, let’s first look at a comparison table highlighting the main features:

Print Speed (Color)30 ppm35 ppm45 ppm55 ppm70 ppm
Print Speed (Black)30 ppm35 ppm45 ppm55 ppm70 ppm
Monthly Duty Cycle90,000 pages110,000 pages200,000 pages300,000 pages400,000 pages
Print Resolution1200 x 2400 dpi1200 x 2400 dpi1200 x 2400 dpi1200 x 2400 dpi1200 x 2400 dpi
ConnectivityEthernet, USB, Wi-FiEthernet, USB, Wi-FiEthernet, USB, Wi-FiEthernet, USB, Wi-FiEthernet, USB, Wi-Fi
Touchscreen Size10-inch10-inch10-inch10-inch10-inch
Paper Capacity (Standard)1,140 sheets1,140 sheets1,140 sheets1,140 sheets1,140 sheets
Paper Capacity (Max)5,140 sheets5,140 sheets5,140 sheets5,140 sheets5,140 sheets

Deep Dive: Model Differences

1. Performance and Speed:

Speed is one of the most noticeable differences. While the C8130 offers a modest 30 ppm, the C8170 soars with 70 ppm, catering to businesses with high-volume print needs.

2. Print Volume:

The monthly duty cycle showcases each model’s resilience. For substantial print tasks, the C8170’s capacity to handle up to 400,000 pages a month is unparalleled in the lineup.

3. Connectivity and Usability:

All models come with versatile connectivity options, including Ethernet, USB, and Wi-Fi. Their 10-inch touchscreen ensures an intuitive experience, streamlining tasks and simplifying functions.

4. Paper Handling:

The flexibility to expand paper capacity up to 5,140 sheets across all models is commendable. This capability ensures that businesses, small or large, won’t frequently run out of paper during heavy-duty tasks.

When choosing among the Xerox AltaLink models, your primary consideration should be the volume and speed of your printing requirements:

C8130: Ideal for small to medium businesses with average printing demands.

C8135: Suitable for growing businesses that require a bit more speed.

C8145: Designed for medium to large enterprises with regular high-volume printing.

C8155: Perfect for larger operations needing high-speed outputs frequently.

C8170: The powerhouse, catering to substantial printing needs of large enterprises or print-focused businesses.

Still on the fence about which model to opt for? Pahoda is here to guide you! With our deep understanding of Xerox’s AltaLink series, we’ll help you pinpoint the model that aligns flawlessly with your business objectives. 

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