Wrapping Service into the Copier Lease

One interesting strategy we have seen is dealers wrapping service into the lease.  On the plus side, if you have the equipment in one budget and the supplies in another, if you are tight, you can do this so that all the costs are getting applied to the equipment instead of the consumables side of the budget.  If you can spend more on equipment because the supplies are the part of the budget you get a better bonus from, a deal can be structured so all the service revenue is included up front.  This will make the payments more consistent and reliable.

If your company is looking for a copier with consistent ways to deal with the copier company, give us a call.  We work hard to make copier leases and sales easy to understand and thrive on helping our clients thrive.  We can often save companies hundreds of dollars a month.  We know this money can be used for other stuff.

Feel free to call us if you are looking for a copier lease and want to know what the best way to structure the lease is for your business.

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