Why is the quote from a competitor cheaper?

Why is my quote cheaper elsewhere?

There can be many factors that affect pricing, so answering why your costs may be higher without specifically looking at the offers can be a bit of a trick.

For any company doing copier sales, there are a few revenue sources and some costs they have to factor. Most companies will be within a range of peers, but it is pretty easy for pricing to appear quite different when it is actually pretty close.

Some of the factors that can be at play include:

  • The price you are being charged for the copier
  • What accessories and features are being added
  • The cost of the service plan
  • The included prints on your service plan
  • The lease rate you are getting

For the dealer, they also vary in where their costs are coming from

  • The cost of the sales and support force (can be higher where talent is not so easy to find)
  • The cost of their building
  • The cost of the inventory they carry
  • The cost they are able to get themselves

One would expect a company that had 2 people and no techs would have a cheaper cost than a dealer with 200 people and 30 techs. The techs and the trucks all have a cost. The benefit, of course, is you get the back end to support the product you are leasing in the first place. Maybe the lease prices vary from $129 from the online dealer per month to $145 from the full service. If this is the case, you will have a choice to make. Sometimes the bigger dealer will match the other price, often they won’t. It depends on who you are dealing with.

Copiers are not just a simple item to sell where the dealer buys at X and sells at Y. Each dealer has important decisions to make about how they want to support the copiers they are leasing so that their customers are repeat customers who refer their company to their friends.

Please let us know if you are looking to lease a copier and we would love to help out!


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