Why Does Xerox Standard Accounting Seem to Have Issues with Mobile Devices?

Have you bought a Xerox printer or copier and wonder how XSA might work with mobile devices like an Ipad or a cell?

We have been fighting these battles, getting devices configured within the network and have found that there are some things you can do, and frankly, there are some situations where the juice may not be worth the squeeze.

We want to go over how to approach these issues, and also consider other alternatives to getting the job accounting working perfectly.

Defaulting is Usually Easier

We have found for most clients, defaulting to BW accomplishes the goal of cost controls at a 90% + level, especially when combined with a quick explanation. Most people get to cost control using defaults – because most employees aren’t looking to cost the company money, they just forget and go with inertia and momentum. 

So if it prints in black and white without them thinking, that’s good enough for almost every employee. (There is technically a job log you can look at to see who is printing what on most models – I haven’t gotten specifically into what model you have, so I would have to look and see if it is true in your case as well).

If you think you want the job accounting to make sure people aren’t wasting money, then defaulting print to black and white is generally the super simple way to accomplish that goal.

If you are wondering – why is this so difficult –

Basically it tricky because Xerox makes Xerox Standard Accounting to control print in corporate environments. This generally means “computers” – When it comes to Ipads and Airprint, Xerox isn’t making this driver, that is an Apple thing

Then, the software Xerox makes has to try and cooperate with Apple devices which don’t support the special features Xerox made. Then, Xerox figures out work arounds for people who really want or need to use the features, the best they can.  So it is a bit of a game of Cat and Mouse.

There are usuallly ways where these required features can happen. Some are by using print control software like Papercut. When such a service is used, more than simple color or black and white controls, you can have rules based printing. You can determine all emails should be in black and white and all Publisher prints should be in color. The level of granular control is way better with a print control software package than with the standard accounting Xerox offers.

If you want to try and get the XSA down to the mobile device level with color controls even at that level more than the common method of defaulting the devices to control the color. We found this link to be an interesting way to try and accomplish this.

Hopefully this helps explain a little bit about what is happening and again, our techs will try and find a time where they can try the steps like in the link about.  I personally prefer defaulting the devices because of the time to effort – but I understand your wish for this granular control and hopefully we can help you get there.

If you are looking to get a Xerox Copier or a Canon Copier and learn more about our leasing programs, we would love to help you out!


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