What “Right Sizing” a Copier Means

Right Size Your Copier Lease for Maximum Cost Effectiveness

Choosing a copier is easier. Choosing the “right” copier is a bit different. Anyone can quote a copier that is the same or similar as the last copier you leased. One of the ways we are different is we “right size” the copiers we lease.

What is “right sizing” and what does it mean for my company?

The basic idea for right sizing a copier is to look at the environment the device is going to go in, along with a discussion of what work will look like in the future and picking a copier that handle what you are doing now, along with what you will be doing, and then getting that copier.

Doesn’t this all mean it’ll just be more expensive?

One might think right sizing is simply a fancy way to say upsell. For us, that is not what it means at all. What it means for us is to think through how your work will actually go, and then make sure the copier can do a good job, and then getting you the LEAST expensive option that does what you want, along with other options to ensure you have choices.

What would right sizing a copier look like for me?

Right sizing, especially now, is more like to help you get a smaller copier and not a bigger copier. Maybe you used to pring 10,000 pages a month, now you only print 4000 because you automated all of your invoices.

In this case, right sizing would be helping you get a smaller copier, not a bigger one. On the other hand, if your company is really growing, going bigger makes a lot more sense than getting a small one.

Ultimately, right sizing, means listening. You are the client. It is our job to help you and avoid all the salesy BS that can happen to try and hit some arbitrary quota set by some manufacturer.

We take the time to hear about what you need and then suggest copiers that work for your business and your pocketbook.

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