User-Friendly Interfaces on Copiers: Why it Matters

When using technology, it is important that people at any technical level are able to utilize the devices’ capabilities as easily as possible. Each copier manufacturer has an interface to use the copier and most of them can be customized so that it becomes easier to use for your team.

In this article, we will cover the benefits of programming the copier to be easier for your staff and give you tips on some of the shortcuts we find to be the most useful.

Some of the Benefits of a Simple Interface on Your Copier:

Efficiency Gains: When the display is simple, clear, and requires fewer steps to get jobs done, the efficiency of the employee is increased as well as self-sufficiency.

Reduction in Errors: If you have files going to specific folders and users have to choose from a list, they are more likely to make a mistake than if they can just click on a button. Having customized screens for different employees can ensure what they see is what they work on. This will greatly reduce the number of human errors that happen when users are not as confident in what they are doing.

Handicap Accessibility: Manufacturers have made color features (for color blindness), font size (for visual impairment) or audio cues (for blindness) as they work with companies to have the devices comply with disability requirements.

Happier Staff: If the interface is easy, the staff is happier with the copier because they don’t have to struggle to complete day to day jobs.

Resource Management: When a copier’s display tells users about toner levels or paper levels, the staff can plan accordingly and not need as many spare supplies on the shelf. This can reduce the overall cost and improve available cash for the business.

Reduced Support Tickets: When users are confused about how to use the copier, this can lead to IT support tickets or other employees being taken away from critical tasks. The better interface keeps the need for support at a lower level.

Multi-lingual Support: If your staff is doing work or comfortable in more than one language, a well designed interface will allow for users to switch based on what they are more comfortable with, or based on a user login.

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These are just some of the benefits available with a well designed and implemented user interface. Copier Lease Center has a passion for working with your company to make sure you are taking advantage of all the technology available to make it easier for your staff to do work. 

Our team can help ensure you have these features enabled, and we can make your copier experience one that promotes productivity and simplicity for your users.

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