Unveiling the Power of HP Wolf Security for Enhanced Protection

HP Wolf Security represents a groundbreaking approach to cybersecurity, tailored to safeguard businesses in today’s digital environment. At the heart of this innovation is HP Sure Click Enterprise, a robust solution designed to stop attacks and protect endpoints with unrivaled efficiency.

The main feature of HP’s security software is that it creates tiny, separate virtual spaces on your computer, called micro-virtual machines (or micro-VMs). These micro-VMs are used to safely carry out tasks that could be risky, like browsing the internet, opening emails, or downloading files. Each task is done in its own isolated space, so if there’s any threat like a virus or malware, it stays trapped in that space and doesn’t affect the rest of your computer. Once you’re done with the task, this space and any threats within it are completely removed, keeping your computer safe.

These micro-VMs are instrumental in securing end-user tasks ranging from web surfing to opening emails and downloading attachments. High-risk tasks are fully isolated in these micro-VMs, ensuring any threats are contained and disposed of upon task completion, without breaching system security.

HP Sure Click Enterprise harnesses hardware-enforced isolation technology, utilizing virtualization-based security on the host to contain threats within individual, disposable micro-VMs. This method significantly reduces attack surfaces while maintaining familiar user workflows.

Feature Highlights:

  • Phishing Protection: Phishing attempts are thwarted, ensuring credentials remain secure.
  • Malware Isolation: Micro-VMs isolate and contain malicious activities, eliminating the need for remediation.
  • Safe Access to Files: Users can safely access files from the web, email, or portable USB drives.
  • Enhanced Defensive Infrastructure: The system uses indicators of attack to quarantine files and hunt for malware across servers and devices not protected by Sure Click.
  • Seamless Integration and Management: HP Wolf Security integrates smoothly with existing security infrastructures and offers centralized administration.

Specifications and Delivery:

  • HP Sure Click Enterprise is available as a standard MSI for endpoints, easily deployable using existing distribution technologies. (in simpler terms, it means that HP’s security software can be installed on individual computers using the regular installation methods that most Windows users are familiar with, and it can be easily rolled out across many computers in a company using the methods they already use to install or update software.)
  • It includes rich forensic data, and threat trend reporting, and integrates with SIEMs via syslog.
  • The HP Wolf Security Controller, central to the system, can be deployed on-premises or hosted in HP’s accredited cloud service.

HP Wolf Security is a testament to HP’s commitment to pioneering cyber defense mechanisms, ensuring businesses can operate securely in an increasingly interconnected world.

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Pahoda Copiers & Printers is committed to maintaining a safe and secure print environment for our clients. HP offers some of the most robust security features in the marketplace.

If you would like to learn more about HP Wolf security, or see how Pahoda Copiers and Printers could help your company get to the next level with your print security, we would love to help answer any questions you may have.


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