Uniflow and Xerox: Perfect for Mixed Fleets

In today’s rapid-paced business landscape, flexibility matters. As businesses acquire other companies or offices are using different copier providers, there can be a mix of brands and technologies being used that all need to fall under one umbrella. If you have uniFLOW and Canon copiers, but realize there are sites or offices using Xerox products, the good news is Xerox and uniFLOW have partnered to ensure the Xerox copiers also can work with uniFLOW. 

Understanding the Uniflow and Xerox Collaboration

What happens when the technical brilliance of Uniflow meets the reliability of Xerox? The result is the Uniflow Embedded Applet tailored explicitly for Xerox. This partnership ensures intricate functionalities like device locking, job release from a safeguarded print queue, plus comprehensive documentation tasks, including printing, copying, faxing, and scanning.

The uniFLOW Universal Driver: Simplicity at Its Best

Ditch those confusing drivers. The uniFLOW Universal Driver offers a seamless experience across all Xerox devices. This universal compatibility ensures efficient and error-free print jobs, streamlining processes and boosting user satisfaction.

  • Secure Job Release: No Compromises: With Uniflow’s secure job release, confidential documents are never left astray in the print tray. This meticulous system ensures print jobs are released only when necessary, offering an additional layer of security.
  • Optimized Printing Equals Savings: When you integrate Uniflow and Xerox, you’re not just getting advanced printing; you’re investing in tangible savings. Print jobs that are not collected are automatically discarded, minimizing waste. With these metrics, businesses can cultivate efficient printing rules that reduce costs progressively.
  • Effortless Cost Allocation: Uniflow simplifies multi-project cost allocations. Thanks to its multi-level cost center selection, charging exact customer or project codes has never been easier, all directly from the device interface.
  • Native Scanning: A Testament to Modern Innovation: Scanning is integral in today’s digitized age. Uniflow’s native scanning ensures documents are directly scanned, facilitating instant distribution or further editing.

The Pahoda Advantage: Why It Matters

When you choose Pahoda Copiers & Printers, you’re not just selecting a reseller; you’re opting for unparalleled efficiency. We take pride in offering an extensive range of Xerox products, each seamlessly integrated with Uniflow.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures every client receives the attention they deserve, tailoring solutions to unique office requirements.

Diving Deeper: Supported Devices

Our partnership encompasses an expansive range of devices:

  • Discontinued Devices: ColorQube Series: 9301/9302/9303, 8700/8900 and the WorkCentre Series: 7830/7835, 7845/7855, 58xx, 7220/7225, 5945/5955, 6655, 3655X, 7970
  • VersaLink Series: C405, C400, C500, C600, C505, C605, B400, B405, B600, B610, B605, B615, B7025/B7030/B7035, C7000/C7020/C7025/C7030, B61C8000, C9000
  • AltaLink Series: B8045/B8055/B8065/B8075/B8090, C8030/C8035/C8045/C8055/C8070, EC8056, C8130/35/45/55/70, B8145/55/70
  • PrimeLink Series: C9065/C9070, B9100

More Than Just Integration

The Uniflow and Xerox alliance transcends mere product integration. It encapsulates the vision of a seamless, efficient, and futuristic office environment. With Pahoda at the forefront, we’re not just delivering products; we’re pioneering a transformative office experience.


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