Understanding Manufacturer Obligations for Discontinued Copiers and Printers

When the time comes for a manufacturer to discontinue a copier or printer model, it raises important questions for businesses that rely on these devices. Understanding the obligations of manufacturers and what it means for your office equipment’s lifecycle is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted operations. This blog post will explore the extent of a manufacturer’s responsibility towards discontinued copiers and printers and what businesses can expect.

Manufacturer’s Support Post-Discontinuation

The support offered by manufacturers for discontinued office equipment varies, but there are common practices within the industry:

  • Duration of Support: We have seen the 7-year number in the copier industry often, though we cannot cite the specific rule or law that says that is true. So we can say that typically, manufacturers commit to providing support for discontinued models for a period that can range from 5 to 10 years.  This support includes parts, technical assistance, and sometimes firmware updates. However, this duration is not standardized and can differ based on the manufacturer’s policy and the specific model.
  • Service Agreements: If your business has an existing service contract, the terms may guarantee continued support for your equipment for the duration of the agreement. This can sometimes extend beyond the manufacturer’s standard support period.
  • Parts and Supplies Availability: Manufacturers are generally expected to produce and stockpile enough parts and supplies to fulfill their support obligations. After the official support period, third-party vendors may become the primary source for parts and supplies, although these may not be original OEM parts.
  • Legal Compliance: In certain regions, consumer protection laws may dictate the minimum period for which a manufacturer must provide support for a discontinued product. This can influence how long parts and services are available from the manufacturer.
  • Software and Security Updates: While hardware support is a significant aspect, software support, including driver updates and security patches, is also critical. Manufacturers usually provide software support for a set period after discontinuation, which is crucial for maintaining cybersecurity and compatibility with new operating systems.

Navigating the Discontinuation of Office Equipment

For businesses, the discontinuation of a copier or printer model means planning for the future:

  • Stay Informed: Keep abreast of your manufacturer’s policies regarding product support lifecycles.
  • Plan for Upgrades: Anticipate the need for upgrades and replacements by monitoring the age and support status of your office equipment.
  • Consider Managed Print Services: Engaging with a provider of managed print services can alleviate the burden of managing end-of-life equipment.
  • Evaluate Service Contracts: When entering a service agreement, understand the terms related to support for discontinued models.

Trust Pahoda Copier and Printers to Help Upgrade Your Discontinued Copier or Printer

Manufacturers have a defined responsibility to support their copier and printer models for a reasonable period after discontinuation. This period is designed to allow businesses to transition smoothly to newer technologies without abrupt disruptions. At Pahoda Copiers & Printers, we guide our clients through these transitions, ensuring that they have access to the necessary support and can make informed decisions about their office equipment. We also help with the acquisition of replacement copiers and printers to help your business reduce the risks of having a discontinued printer or copier on your network.

If you’re concerned about the support for your current copier or printer, or if you’re planning for future technology needs, contact Pahoda Copiers & Printers. Our expertise is at your service to navigate the complexities of discontinued models and to keep your business running efficiently.


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