Top 22 Accessories for Xerox Copiers and why they are Available

Xerox copiers are top-notch devices known for their high-quality output and robust functionality. But, like many other high-tech devices, their full potential is truly unlocked when they’re paired with the right accessories. These extras are designed to further customize the copier experience for specific tasks, ensuring users can extract maximum value.

In this blog, we will go over some of the accessories you would see as being available when you get a quote on a Xerox device from Pahoda Copiers & Printers.

Xerox Accessories and Common Use Cases:

1. Optional 500GB HDD: Enhance storage capacity with an additional 500GB hard drive. Useful for businesses handling large files or requiring on-device storage for quick access.

2. Bluetooth Kit: For easy, wireless pairing with mobile devices, enhancing the convenience of direct printing.

3. Booklet Maker & Finishers (BR & Integrated Office): Optimized for creating professional-looking booklets. The finishers streamline the stapling and sorting of documents. Essential for businesses that produce brochures, manuals, or reports.

4. C-fold/Z-fold Unit: Ideal for businesses looking to produce marketing collateral like tri-fold brochures.

5. Convenience Stapler: Simplifies the process of stapling large documents, enhancing efficiency and speed.

6. Envelope Tray: Perfect for businesses with frequent envelope printing needs, replacing the standard tray for specialized output.

7. Foreign Device Interface: Integrates third-party access control devices, essential for public setups where coin machines or card reader payments are necessary.

8. High Capacity Feeder: For businesses with high-volume print needs, ensuring fewer interruptions to refill paper.

9. Hole Punch: Useful for documents intended for binders. The various configurations (2/3, 2/4, Swedish) offer versatility.

10. Long Sheet Feed Kit: Designed for banner printing, allowing businesses to produce large format prints in-house.

11. Trellix Integrity Control & Scan To Cloud Enablement Kits: Enhances the security and cloud connectivity of your device. Protect sensitive data and easily save scanned documents to cloud storage.

12. Multi-feed Detection Kit: For the AltaLink® C8170, this kit ensures precise paper feeding, preventing jams and misfeeds.

13. Office Finisher: For professional document finishing like sorting, stapling, and more.

14. Smart Card Enablement Kit: Enhances security by requiring user authentication via a smart card.

15. Unicode Font Kit: Supports a wider range of characters and languages, essential for global businesses.

16. USB Keyboard/Shelf Kit: Allows for easier data entry directly at the device, enhancing user-friendliness.

17. Walk-up Fax: Integrate faxing capabilities, with one- or two-line options. Also includes LAN Fax for networked faxing.

18. Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Direct with Dual Band Wireless Kit: Facilitates wireless printing, making it more convenient and reducing the mess of wires.

19. Xerox® EX-c C8100 Print Server: Optimizes print operations, handling tasks more efficiently and ensuring faster output.

20. Postscript: Used for higher quality graphics printing or for Mac printing environments.

21. Extra trays: Especially on desktop models, extra trays are a way to increase the paper capacity of your Xerox copier.

22. Print Stand: Many clients want to turn a traditional desktop copier into a floor standing model. This is normally achieved by adding a stand and extra trays (#21) to make it a fully standalone unit.

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Xerox’s extensive range of copier accessories is designed to ensure every business, irrespective of its size or needs, can tailor its machine to its exact requirements. Investing in the right accessory can significantly enhance productivity and result in a better return on your copier investment. If you’re considering boosting your Xerox copier’s functionalities, this guide should help you pinpoint what’s most relevant for you.

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