The Truth About Copier Lease Rollovers

The Ugly Truth About Automatic Copier Lease Rollovers

You are coming up on the end of your five-year copier lease. You are looking forward to sending back this copier that has caused nothing but grief for the last few months.

However, something happens that stops your celebration dead in its tracks. You open an envelope from your leasing company and get a bill from your leasing company for three more months. You try to talk with the agent to overturn the bill, but it was all for nothing. You’re now stuck with this copier for an additional three months.

How Did This Extra Charge Happen?

In almost every copier lease agreement, the leasing company will insert a provision that allows them to bill you continually unless you give the company a written notice that you intend to return the copier when you finish your lease term.

This simple mistake costs you between $600 and $1,000, and you get to deal with three more months with a copier on life support.

How Do You Stop This From Happening Again (or the first time)?

Look at your lease contract and find the date your lease expires. You need to give the leasing company your written notice between 45 and 90 days before it expires. No sooner, and no later.

To make sure you remember to write and send that all-important written notice, put a reminder in your calendar in between that window of opportunity. Compose the letter ahead of time, and send it out the very second you reach that 90-days-left mark.

Once the leasing company receives your letter, they’ll give you instructions on what you need to do with the copier.

Follow this One Simple Step to Save Hundreds of Dollars on Your Copier Lease.

This stipulation catches many people by surprise, and that’s how the copier leasing companies like it. By keeping track of your lease’s expiration date and sending your letter out between 45-90 days out, you will save yourself money and grief.


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