The Benefits of Using Copiers for Restaurant Menus

If you run a restaurant, then you have specific needs for your copiers that others may not have. First of all, there is the day to day demands that a copier for any business needs to be able to handle, like printing, copying, scanning and faxing.  Then there are the menus for customers which need to be the highest quality, but can be variable from week to week, or even day to day.

At Copier Lease Center, we have helped restaurants for 10+ years get the right copiers and printers to help them do the printing and scanning they need to do in order to run their business.

Unique Challenge #1 for Restaurants – Menus

This first challenge for a restaurant is printing quality menus for their clients. Many restaurants will simply outsource these jobs to a local print shop, but the challenge that can happen is there is generally a minimum order for the amount of menus printed. This can end up resulting in a lot of waste or a lot of confusion if there are multiple menus for multiple days of the week.

If there is a special item listed on the menu, then that one can only be given out when that special is offered. The goal is to be able to have the menus you need for each client. Some have tried to overcome this issue by employing the use of digital menus with a QR code, but many clients still prefer to have a paper menu.

By having your own copier, the smaller run variable printing becomes much easier. A menu can be made, even on a daily basis, in order to have a menu that works for your restaurant.

Unique Challenge #2 – Paper Condition

The next big challenge for a restaurant comes when the jobs are brought in house. If you print out your menus, then the menus are often only useable 1 time (because of water or food stains.) This can be another frustrating issue, especially for companies that value green printing.

There is waterproof laser paper in the market that allows you to clean off the menus after each use and also allows variable printing. If you use the right kind of paper, you can reuse the menu for many clients. This paper is more expensive per page, but you are able to wipe it down and use the same menu for a lot more clients, without the costs or hassles of laminating your print jobs.

Unique Challenge #3 – Connectivity

Another challenge we have seen is that of connectivity. Sometimes there is a manager or GM who has access to the office, but not everyone uses this computer. When the evening shift happens, and if there are more menus needed, how can the shift leader get the menus they need in order to be able to take care of their clients?

If you have a copier with a USB port that can read files, you can actually drop the print file straight onto a USB drive and this can be a perfect solution. Another way you can handle this scenario is if you save the job to the copier and the manager can print right from the copier interface without even having their own connection from the computer to the copier.

Let Copier Lease Center Serve You

If you are looking for a copier for your restaurant, we would love to help. We will make sure we go over menus, paper types and copier connectivity to ensure your staff can print and so your customers always get a high quality menu when these are printed for them!


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