The Benefit of a Backup Printer

Do you have a copier in your office that is a big part of your day to day operations? Maybe you have to print contracts when the client is onsite, and if the copier goes down, it can affect your business.

We have a lot of clients who have copiers and also they need to ensure they can print at all times.

In this article we will discuss the benefits of a backup printer and why most businesses require there to be a working device onsite at all times.

Loss of Revenue

If clients come in to sign contracts, when they are there, you need to be able to get them to sign the contract. If they leave the building, there is a risk they may not return. Having a backup printer becomes critical to ensure important contracts and documents can be printed.

Let’s say you are a title company and a client comes in to buy a $500,000 property that needs documents printed. If the client signs, there is the risk of the deal not closing and losing potential real estate contacts choosing to not refer deals to your title company.

Having a laser printer that costs a couple hundred dollars seems like a no-brainer when you could potentially lose deals or referrals over not having that printer.

Loss of Productivity

The next thing that could be lost would be staff productivity. If you have a device that can’t print, staff has to scramble to figure out how to get prints out.

This can be a really nice convenience to have a second device that can print.

Loss of Reputation

The next would be your reputation. If you have clients sitting there waiting for you to figure out how to print, how would that look? One of the key reasons we would suggest a small backup printer is to make your company look good.

Overall we are suggesting something super cheap. Just a small laser multifunction printer that should cost less than $500. For our larger accounts, we will provide these for free to ensure they stay happy with us.

Give us a call if you would like to chat about your copier lease and the value of having a backup printer.


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